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Standard Gauge Rolling Stock

BR MK 1 Second Class Open No. 3925

BR Mk1 Second Class Open No 3925

Built at Eastleigh in 1954, this was purchased in 1973 and was converted into a buffet car by removing 16 seats in what is now the serving area.


Lot No. 30086, Length: 63' 5"; Weight: 33 tons

LMS Parcels Brake Van No. 33016

LMS Parcels Brake 33016

Built at Wolverton in 1939, this is an LMS Parcels Train Brake Van. Known as a 'Stove R' in LMS day it was reclassified 'BGZ' by B. R. It is a six-wheeled vehicle, which is unusual for so recent a date, although the LMS built 120 of them between 1932 and 1940. It was bought from Wolverton in 1972 and is being used as a kitchen.

Lot No: 1262; Length: 31" 0"; Weight: 17 tons

SR Parcels Brake No. 407

SR Parcels Brake 407

Built for the Southern Railway about 1935, this vehicle was used as a Parcels Train Brake Van. It was purchased from Micheldever in 1973.

Length: 39' 8"; Weight: 16 tons

Plates on SR Parcels Brake No. 407

SR Parcels Brake No. 407

GWR Brake Van No. 14610

GWR Brake Van 14610

Built by the Great Western at Swindon in 1895 as a Branch Line Brake Van. It was converted in 1943 to a Fitters Van and was equipped with bunks, stove and washing facilities. It was in poor condition when bought from Fazakerley, Liverpool in 1971, the bodywork has been completely renovated. It was originally painted grey but is now green and is now in use as the Museum office.

Class AA3 Van Originally No. 56096; Length: 23' 3"; Weight: 9 tons 9 cwt

SR Parcels Van No. 1070

SR Parcels Van 1070

Built about 1935 by the Southern Railway at Ashford for General Parcels Traffic. These distinctive vehicles with outside body framing were once very common on the Southern network. Purchased from Micheldever in 1973, the vehicle is now used for general storage.

Length: 35' 8"; Weight: 13 tons

LNER 'Top-Light' Van No. 1370

LNER Van No 1370

Although constructed by British Railways in 1950, this van is of typical LNER design and many of that company's standard components were used in its construction. They were used mainly for the conveyance of road vehicles and are equipped with end loading doors. This van was purchased from York in 1973 and is now in use as a workshop.

Lot No. 1224; Length: 55' 9"; Weight: 22 tons

Pullman Car No. 41Pullman Car No 41

Built for the Pullman Car Company by Birmingham Carriage & Wagon Company in 1910. This is the oldest Pullman in Britain still standing on its own wheels.

Car No. 41 was named 'Emerald' and had accommodation for 16 first class passengers together
with a small galley for the service of refreshments. Part of its life was spent on the 'Thanet Pullman' and it was remodelled in 1924. After the Second World War, it was converted to a Camping Coach and stationed at Betws-Y-Coed. It was last overhauled at Wolverton in 1966. It was purchased on site in 1971.

Length: 51' 0"; Weight: 31 tons

Lost 'n' Bodge Works

Lost n Bodge Works

Unique American Gallows Turntable

American gallows turntable

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